Beyond the Wall – Rabab

My eyes are speechless, my words cannot shed a tear and my ears don’t feel anything. My world is confused. Where are you? I am knocking on the wall hoping that someone on the other side will respond. But the exhaustion is taking over my body and mind, for there has never been a single…… Lees verder Beyond the Wall – Rabab

The Story of the Struggling Bird

Short story by Rabab from Amsterdam.

I cannot believe that those ideas of the past were monopolizing my thoughts. As a little girl, I firmly believed that every day could be the last day for the war to end. For love to have victory over hate. For consciousness to transcend arrogance. The day that the happiness of all living creatures together would weigh heavier than the happiness of a limited group of people alone. That combination of hope and neglect at that time has caused my heart and mind to become blind for reality… (continue reading)